About Us

It all started…

In a small town of Cesenatico, Italy, Francesco Pero started baking at the young age of 13 years old, and learned from only the best. In 1964 Francesco moved to Montreal, Canada, where he continued his baking career at Boulangerie Capri.

In 1966 Francesco, and his dad Salvatore started their own bakery called “Fortuna Bakery”, where they baked for 8 years. In 1973 they sold “Fortuna bakery” in Montreal and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia.  Because of their success in Montreal, Francesco & Salvatore Pero and Mario Toteda decided to open a bakery in Burnaby and also call it “Fortuna Bakery”.

In 1978 Immediate success allowed them to move to a larger facility, with 4 delivery trucks and a 24 hour production schedule.  In 1985 they opened a second location in Vancouver Called “Italia Bakery”. In 1990 they sold “Fortuna Bakery”, and Francesco Pero and Mario Toteda continued to produce at “Italia Bakery”.

Paolo Pero, the third generation joined “Italia Bakery”, and in 1998 Mario and Lina Toteda took sole ownership of Italia Bakery. Francesco and Paolo started a new beginning, “Casa Del Pane” in Port Moody. Sam Pero joined “Casa Del Pane” in 2001.

In 2005, Mario and Lina sold Italia Bakery to Sam, Danny, and Paolo Pero. Sam Pero took sole ownership in November 2006.